Evan:  It was great to see you “live” and in-action at the ball park the other night Tom.

Tom:  It’s just another day at the “office” Evan.

Evan:  Well, I have to tell you, it wasn’t just another day for our boys.  When you pulled them out of the crowd and had them dance with you on top of the dugout.  WOW!!

Tom:  It was fun.  I’m not sure your boys had ever seen the dance move “The Sprinkler” but they did a good job following along.

Evan:  Nah, I’m pretty sure you’re right.  But you did a great job of making them feel special – living up to one of our Pheel the Love! Principles – “See Through Your Customer’s Camera:  Make Every Encounter Count.” This might have been your 3,000th time dancing on the dugout, but for them it was their first.

Tom:  Yes, it is probably something like that.  But I never get tired of it.    I knew it would be special for them and wanted to give them that experience.

Evan:  Our family dentist, Dr. Singer of ABC Dentistry in Voorhees, NJ is like you.  He sees lots of patients every day and he makes each one feel special – making every encounter count.  His customers are kids and from the moment you walk into his office, you know that he is looking at things from his “Customer’s Camera”.  The office looks more like a Hawaiian hangout than a sterile dentist office.  There is a slide, a table to play games and a couple of flat screen TV ‘s.

Tom:  My dentist office as a kid was nothing like that!

Evan:  Neither was mine.  And it’s not only the office, they have great practices that make us grown-ups love them too.  For instance, when you make your appointment, they tell you how much your visit will cost – so you know in advance.  And if something unforeseen comes up during the visit, they stop to tell you know how much more it will be and don’t proceed until they have your approval.

claw-machine-no-kidsTom:  It’s a great way to love your customers – to manage their expectations from the beginning and not surprise them with unexpected fees.

Evan:  The best part is Dr. Singer himself.  He has a great (and silly) way of being with them.  He clearly cares about the children in a way that makes sense to them.  Like you, he loves what he is doing.  He has great passion for his work and for loving these kids.  It is so genuine.  He is committed to excellence in the whole experience and he does it with joy.  I really think that is the essence of his magic touch.

Tom:  Does he take on 50-year-old kid patients?  I think I know one.

Evan: You’ll want to be a patient even more when you hear this — the kids, at the end of their visit, instead of picking a prize out of a treasure chest, Dr. Singer has a claw machine for the kids to play!  What child doesn’t love a claw machine?  And it gets better, the claw machine actually picks up the ball without dropping it so that every child walks away a winner!!

Tom:  Seeing from your customer’s camera usually means that everyone is a winner!

Evan:  It’s common sense for sure — but not always common practice.  We can all do better by asking ourselves, “What do things look like from our customer’s camera?  How can we make it a better experience for them?”