Evan: Hey Tom, did you watch the Clemson vs. Alabama football championship game?

Tom: Yes, that was so exciting. Especially considering it was a re-match from last year.

Evan: Did you hear what the Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said about why they won? (Click HERE to view his clip.)

Evan: He said that they won because of love; “All year long my word has been Love”.

Tom: It’s yet another example of our message of how love leads to excellence. It reminded me of the 1993 Phillies. They were a tight-nit team who really loved each other and who had each other’s backs. They rode that wave of love all the way to the National Championship.

Evan: Most people still think about love in terms of romance or religion. It’s such an underutilized driver of success. How can we get this message across?

Tom: We’ll just keep pointing to the evidence – like this Clemson win. Love drives excellence and creates great things – it isn’t weak or soft at all.