Evan: Hey Tom – my wife just called me all excited to tell me this really great Pheel the Love! story.

Tom:  What did she say?

Evan:  She stopped to get gas at a Wawa gas station in New Jersey – you know where they still have gas attendants!

Tom:  Yeah, here in Pennsylvania we have to get out of the car and pump our own gas.

Evan:  Well, she had our dog Cleveland with her in the car.  Seeing that, the gas station attendant came over and offered our dog a doggy biscuit.

Tom:  Wow, that’s nice.  I’ve seen banks do that but not gas stations.

Evan:  It gets better.  Turns out, it’s not a Wawa companywide thing – this gas station attendant spends his own money to buy the box of dog biscuits.  He gives them away on his own.

Tom:  Wow. That is pretty cool.  This guy seems to understand our principle of “See through your customer’s camera, make every encounter count.”

Evan:  Absolutely.  My wife Tara was blown away.  She asked him about it and he said it was just something he likes to do.  On some days, he gives out lollipops to kids.

Tom:  What’s the value of this little small gesture?

Evan:  Well, I know that Tara was a fan of Wawa before, but she’s an even a bigger fan now.  It’s these micro-interactions, these small gestures that builds fierce loyalty.  And loyalty is something that is really hard for competitors to steal or replicate.

Tom:  That’s for sure.  Being the “Best Friend” of the Phillie Phanatic and having the love from the fans, I know how true that is.

Evan:  And one more thing Tom.

Tom:  What?

Evan:  Did you see the gas station attendant’s name tag?  Look closely.

Tom:  How funny.

Evan:  Do you think all nice guys are named Tom?

Tom:  My Mom thinks so!