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In this world of fast-paced change, businesses everywhere are searching for the critical levers to ensure growth and sustainability.

We believe that there is an answer that has been hiding from all of us in plain sight. It is a solution that is rarely, if ever, associated with business. It is a powerful and pragmatic force that is an incredible driver of results—it is…wait for it…love. In this keynote speech:

✔ You’ll learn how the Phillie Phanatic inspires fierce loyalty from his fans and drives revenue.

✔ You’ll understand the business case for love—and why companies who know how to create loyal, loving fans outperform those that don’t by almost 2-1.

✔ You’ll see the ways in which Phanatic inspired principles like “The Big Smooch” are already being applied by successful companies such as Vanguard, WAWA and Wegmans.

These lessons and insights are oh-so-easy to digest as they are presented in a light-hearted, yet powerful conversation between Tom Burgoyne and Evan Marcus.

Are your audiences Pheeling the Love?

“You just unleashed something so powerful—it’s such a positive force
for the world.”

~Keynote Attendee

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Your audience will leave: Energized! Informed! Inspired!



Every indicator of business success is strengthened through love.

Customer and employee loyalty creates an almost unbeatable competitive edge. But how is it built? Based upon the concepts presented in the wildly popular book, Pheel the Love!, How the Most Powerful Force in the Universe Builds Great Companies—Phillie Phanatic Style!, Loyal, Loving Fans for Life!™ provides a blueprint for cultivating fierce loyalty from both your Customers and your Team Members.

You’ll hit the ball out of the park when you discover:

  • The business case for creating loyal, loving fans.
  • How to foster Phillie Phanatic type love in your business.
  • Key principles for creating loyal fans for life.

This workshop is perfect for people who want to WOW! their Customers. We’ll be asking and answering questions that have terrific take-home-pay both for individuals and organizations. If you get excited by the idea of ever-growing excellence, then join us as we engage in a leading-edge conversation into how to how to cultivate the love and the loyalty.

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