EVAN: Hey Tom. I heard what happened at the ballpark last night. That was unbelievable.

TOM: Yes, Evan. I’ve never seen anything quite like it myself.

EVAN: So the fans gave Chase Utley, a player from ANOTHER team, a standing ovation? (Click HERE to see the complete story)

TOM: Yes. More than one. Three to be exact.

EVAN: That must have been amazing to see.

TOM: It was. Surprising in one way since he now suits up for the opposing team. Not surprising in another way as he was really loved here in Philly. He was a hard-worker and earned the respect of the fans.

EVAN: It seems to me that what happened really underscores the message of our book – that relationships, fueled by love, create a fierce loyalty. In this case, the love and loyalty was so strong, that it transcended the predictable and automatic distain for the opposing team.

TOM: The fans truly loved Chase Utley. And I guess what happened last night really proves that.

EVAN: Imagine if business leaders became intentional about creating this level of love from their team members and this kind of loyalty from their customers. They’d be, like Chase Utley was last night, unbeatable.