Love Wins Championships

Evan: Hey Tom, did you watch the Clemson vs. Alabama football championship game? Tom: Yes, that was so exciting. Especially considering it was a re-match from last year. Evan: Did you hear what the Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said about why they won? (Click HERE to view his clip.) Evan: He said that they won [...]

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He’s Making Every Encounter Count

Evan: Hey Tom - my wife just called me all excited to tell me this really great Pheel the Love! story. Tom:  What did she say? Evan:  She stopped to get gas at a Wawa gas station in New Jersey - you know where they still have gas attendants! Tom:  Yeah, here in Pennsylvania we [...]

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Chase Utley Pheels the Love in Philadelphia!

EVAN: Hey Tom. I heard what happened at the ballpark last night. That was unbelievable. TOM: Yes, Evan. I’ve never seen anything quite like it myself. EVAN: So the fans gave Chase Utley, a player from ANOTHER team, a standing ovation? (Click HERE to see the complete story) TOM: Yes. More than one. Three to [...]

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Fear or Love: What Is Your Foundation?

Tom:  Hey Evan.  It’s so exciting.  Our publisher just sent the final proof of our book to the printer. Evan:  I know.  Soon our message will be shared with a lot of people.  Some will gravitate to it and others won’t believe that this approach can work in a business setting.  It occurred to me [...]

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See Though Your Customer’s Camera: Make Every Encounter Count

Evan:  It was great to see you “live” and in-action at the ball park the other night Tom. Tom:  It’s just another day at the “office” Evan. Evan:  Well, I have to tell you, it wasn’t just another day for our boys.  When you pulled them out of the crowd and had them dance [...]

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